The Founder
Alessio Favaretto. The Founder at BEA HERO™.
Our Vision
Our vision is to empower people with the simplest ways to design and live an extraordinary life. We strive for every men and women to pursuit their dreams, achieve their bliss and inspire others to do the same. People dreams is what changed the world throughout centuries, they're the cause to the progress and happiness we all enjoy today. What's your dream?
We never stop dreaming as we grow older. What we do is we stop believing.
At BEA HERO™ we succeed in this.
About Us
Founded in 2014 BEA HERO™ was develop with the concept to provide a simple solution to generate other ways of income, primarily online and give people the tools to believe in their potential.
It wasn’t until our founder, Alessio Favaretto, met two men, Kevin Tan, an experience business man, and Daniel Chadeyras, a manager and well established real estate investor that BEA HERO™ took off.
The Team
Thanks to each of these individuals BEA HERO™ is constantly improving day after day.
Why the name Hero?
A Hero is someone who risks his/her own life for the one of others.
Now, what about your own life? Are you taking the risk to follow your dreams and pursuing what you love?
The moment you do, you're literally saving your own life. You're saving your life from, hoping to achieving, from playing the victim to becoming the victor.
This journey begins from being your own Hero.
As you succeed, you'll inspire others to do the same, saving people's lives indirectly!
Let's start from you, BEA HERO™.
Trade Mark
BEA HERO™ registered sealed trademark number
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BEA HERO™ provides a smart method to balance work with better lifestyle. We make it simple for everyone, who is not a travel blogger nor an Instagram celebrity to be able to create an online income. We also provide a free self improving life program, to help anyone become their own Hero and inspire others.


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